Tables and Chairs

This was taken the day before SM Lanang had their grand day opening. There were bloggers who were invited for a tour inside the grocery store, and some were invited for the opening of food stalls and restaurants, boutique and more. Oh! We didn’t park our butt here :), I guess the newly opened mall had special guests on that day, and they dined after the show. I just took this photo for the sake of my Wednesday White Meme hosted by Raya of Color and Contrast.


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4 thoughts on “Tables and Chairs

  1. awww that’s so sweet taking this photo and remembering me! hahaha.. di na jud ko nimo malimtan basta naay puti picture dayon! thanks for being supportive, Kat! Miss you! Thanks for joining last week.. hope you will again this week! Linky’s up!

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