Redo Your Kitchen with These Ideas

Planning for a kitchen renovation? Well, I was glad that I found this very neat and attractive kitchen design from iVillage a while ago. I have a small kitchen, and I have been dreaming to have a big kitchen, but at the moment, that is near to impossible. How could I make a big kitchen in a small space? Well, the big kitchen that I have been planning for is not for the kitchen that I am using right now. I have a vacant lot, and once money is available for the new building or house construction, I would surely like to have a big kitchen on this lot. That is why, I kept on searching a nice kitchen idea.

Blue, sky blue, sea blue color is one of my favorite colors, but it never came to mind to have a blue floor color like on the photo below. I like the blue and white combination. It looks like very neat and clean. Actually, I haven’t found a nice color yet for my new kitchen if ever.

This high-ceiling kitchen design is also nice, plus the big built-in cabinets make this kitchen more attractive. The furniture matched the paint in the kitchen, and it adds more life for this kitchen.

Having a high-storage or overhead storage kitchen is also a great idea, but this is unsuitable for my height. I am the smallest in the family, and putting a high-storage that fit to my height will probably give headaches to the rest of the family.


Here’s a simple kitchen design for a simple family. I guess, this is also good for small family.

And finally, this modern kitchen design is what I have been dreaming for.

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