Jul 16

Watching Games and Preseason Training

A great way to save money on sporting events is to watch pre-season training workouts and games. Since training times are not as intense as the regular season, you may even get a chance to meet or shake hands with your favorite players. Or, just watch your favorite games on TV and to make sure that you won’t be disturbed while watching, prepare snacks or anything that you can munch while watching, and it would be better if you have detox beats headset because even if you are just at home, by using this kind of headset. you can feel that you were watching them live. If you don’t have it, you can buy it online.

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Jul 16

Chicken Liver Adobo for Dinner

…some more rice please..

Yes, Janjan could eat plenty of rice if this is his viand. Aside from a fried chicken, this is also one of his favorites. Anyway, this is my entry for today.


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Jul 07

Fourteenth Birthday

Today is one of the most important days of my life. Fourteen years ago, I was in panicked because this boy couldn’t wait to see the world. We were still in the car, and he wanted to get out at that moment, so I was trying to hold him by closing my legs so tight. And when I got out from the car, nurses and other hospital staffs were rushing me to the delivery room. I was so thankful that I only had short labor pain, and he came out with a loud cry. It was the best music I have ever heard in my whole life.

And today, I called him my little young man, but he doesn’t like to hear it because he said, he is taller than me. Lol And because he is now a young man, you could see his room with lots of these teenager’s toys and gadgets. Sometimes, I got annoyed because there’s a closet that he can put his toys and gadgets under it, but he just sometimes left it on the floor. Anyhow, I was looking before a drawer slides, and I was glad that I found soft closing drawer slides. I need this for my son’s drawer. He was complaining for it, so I have to replace the old one with this new drawer slides that I have found days ago.

Anyhow, we don’t have a fancy birthday celebration today for my son’s birthday. It is just a simple dinner with family. So, to my handsome son, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. You are one of the best gifts that I have received from the Lord. I love you son.

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Jun 28

Today’s Flower – Gumamela or Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis Linn

This is doubled Gumamela, China Rose in English and scientifically called Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Linn. Gumamela usually cultivated as an ornamental flower here in the Philippines. It is very common here in Davao. Honestly, this is our neighbor’s flower, and when I took some shots, there were lots of flowers blooming beautifully. The owner said this flower is medicinal. It can cure mumps, swelling, infection of the urinary tract, headaches, to name a few. Anyway, this is my entry for today.


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Jun 08

Our Home Place

In case you wanted to visit me or our family, these are the roads going to our home.

This road is connected to Kawayan Drive. I have no idea why it was named Kawayan where you couldn’t find any Kawayan on this place. Kawayan means “Bamboo”, and this is the right side if you are coming from our home. Have you seen Janjan on the photo?


…and this is the left side if you coming from our home.


…and this is the way going to home.

… and finally, this is our home. Our gate painted with chocolate brown, the house painted with green. It is a 2 storey house and it has a big yard inside.

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May 28

Miracle Fruit

When I was at the wet market, I saw this big round look like coconut. It was displayed outside the grocery store. There was a guard standing near to it. I asked him what it was. He told me that it was a “Miracle Fruit”. The guard gave me a small flyer, and I have read that this Miracle Fruit can cure many diseases. You just cook with the meat inside with water, and drink the water when it is ready. The price for this Miracle Fruit is Php. 20.00 per kilo, but the weight of 1 fruit approx 3 to 4 kilos. I was interested to buy but the doctor doesn’t allow me to carry heavy things. So, I would probably go back there, but I will bring Jason, my first son, so I have somebody to carry the fruit to the house. Happy Monday everyone.

miracle fruit

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May 18

Family Park

These photos were taken a few months ago. I love going to this place in the afternoon, but we haven’t visited this place lately because of the weather. We always have rains late in the afternoon that is why it’s been awhile now since the last time we visited this place. Anyway, this place is not really far from where we live. It’s only 5 minutes drive from our place. I have planned to go on Sunday morning, so I can join the group of women doing their morning exercise. The last time I was there, I was just watching them dancing. I wanted to join but I was wet at that time because it was high tide, and we went on swimming.



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May 08

Saluyot or Jute Leaves

Saluyot is one of the nutritious vegetables in the Philippines. When I visited my son in his school, I saw a food pyramid chart and one of the recommended vegetables to be part of our dietary foods is saluyot, or jute leaves in English. In the family, it’s only me and my mother who eats this vegetable. Do you know that this saluyot can give you long life, good health, and youthful looks? I am glad that I don’t need to buy saluyot in the market because my father plants it in the backyard and on my vacant lot. How about you, do you eat saluyot?


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Apr 23

Scouting for Musical Instrument

A few days ago, my brother who is living in Canada called me on the phone. I was honestly annoyed because he called in the middle of the night. We are 12 hours ahead of time. The bad thing is, every time he called, we spent over an hour on the phone because he is using a card, and he wanted to consume all the money on the card. He said, the card cannot be used for second call, so to maximize the usage of the card, we will stop talking until to the last minute.

Anyway, the reason why he called it is because he wanted to know the prices of guitars here either acoustic or electric guitar. He told me that guitars in Canada are so expensive, and he has planned to visit us by next year. So, if I could find a cheaper guitar, he will buy a guitar here when he comes. I went to the music store at the mall and I got prices on the guitars he mentioned to me. I also found this gig rig mixer with rack. I thought it is so expensive, but the price is reasonable. I know my friend needs this kind of mixer because she has mobile instrument business. I have not seen her for weeks now but I can send her a sms to her mobile phone. I know she will be happy for it if I tell her that I found a mixer with rack and wheels.

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Apr 01

Porch Design

I love this kind of roof for the porch. I bought a new house far from where I live right now, but it doesn’t have a porch yet. So, I am planning to put like this to our new home. Lovely, isn’t it? By the way, I will show you on my next post, the house that I bought weeks ago.


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