Jan 19

The Proper Way to Drink Water

Drink water when you wake up. Our body loses water while we were sleeping, so drink a glass of water before you go to sleep, and another glass when you wake up. You are naturally thirsty or dehydrated in the morning. Drinking water in the morning helps flush out the toxins that have accumulated all night.

Drink 8 to 12 glasses a day. For a 120-pound individual needs 8 cups of water, while a 190-pound person requires 12 cups daily. I have learned this from my doctor when I got “UTI” or urinary tract infection. This is the reason why I trained my children to drink water.

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Dec 26

Battle of the Band Winner

Before anything else, I would like to congratulate my son’s friends and classmates for winning the Grand Prize in a Best Band or Battle of the Band Competition which was held in front of Davao City Hall on December 23rd of this year. This is annual competition and it was really great to see these students who have their own talent on playing musical instruments. Aside from cash prizes, there is also a gift certificate that you can use to shop for any musical instrument at the music store. I wish it could also use for an instrument store online. Again, congratulations to the band members, and Merry Christmas to all.

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Dec 15

Coffee is my Happiness

I do love my coffee in the morning. It is like my daily ritual. I can’t start working without the aroma of my coffee. I have heard that coffee is good for our health and there are plenty of benefits you can get from it. It has lots of antioxidants and is low in calories if you don’t load it up with cream and sugar. According to some studies, coffee could protect your heart by drinking 1 to 3 cups a day. For those people who could drink coffee four times a day may have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. However, there are some people who are sensitive to caffeine, and they get easily anxious after drinking coffee. So, if you like coffee, enjoy it but drink it moderately.


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Dec 04

Standard Guitar vs. Mandolin

Do you know how to play a mandolin? I was just wondering if playing a mandolin is the same when playing with a normal guitar like acoustic or electric guitar. I know the standard guitar has six strings while a mandolin has eight strings. And I also wondered if the one who could play a standard guitar, can play a mandolin as well. What do you think? Anyway, if you don’t know what’s the look of a mandolin, try to check guitar center mandolins. They have a big photo on this product. You can see that there are eight strings on it, and not six like on the normal or standard guitar you have seen anywhere.

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Nov 19

Boy’s Bed

My cousin renovated his small house into a bigger one because his wife is pregnant right now, and soon they need an extra place for a family of four including the unborn baby. His first child is a girl, and the incoming baby is a boy. My cousin has a nice job while his wife managed their own internet café. I am not close to his wife or maybe she is just busy with her business, so we seldom see each other and we have no time to chit-chat either. Anyway, when I was talking with my cousin, he plans for his kid’s room a very nice room with very nice furniture. Well, I told him that he can afford whatever he wants for he earned a handsome salary every month plus his wife has her own business. If only I have enough money, I would love to make a beautiful room for my boys too. Look at the bed below, is it nice if you have this in your boy’s room?


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Nov 10

Doing my Laundry is Killing Me

OMG! I still look young I know, but my body didn’t cooperate lol. I am glad that I finished my laundry today, but I am having trouble with my back now. I have lower back pain. Is this sign of an old age? Waaaa..no way, highway in Norway. Honestly, I can’t stand anymore sitting my butt to the small laundry chair for so long.

When I stand up from that small chair, I need to hold my knees first before I could stand straight. I am like our very old neighbor, that according to the bystanders, our creator forgot her to join HIM in heaven. Lol. Luckily, if I have this back pain, it won’t stay long; I will just rest on the bed straight without a pillow for a couple of minutes. However, if it will stay longer, I will go to the massage parlor and pay for 100.00. Well, as of this moment, I still have the back pain, and I am sitting here in front of the computer, and I hope this back pain will leave me before going to bed tonight.

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Nov 01

Storage for Small Room

If you have high ceilings, consider building up to use vertical space, particularly in a small room where there is little other storage space available. Place a sleeping area on a raise platform, which separates the bed from the rest of the bedroom. Put deep drawers under the bed to house clothing and extra blankets. Pulled type drawers under the bed could save you more spaces. This is my plan for Jason’s room, but since money is not yet available, well we will just wait until I have extra money for his room. I wish I can make it before Christmas, so he can have a new look bedroom for the coming New Year.

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Oct 22

Learn to Reuse

So many items have become or are made to be disposable that it’s easy to forget that not everything has to be thrown away. Pack your peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a reusable container instead of plastic wrap. Carry the drink of your choice in a plastic bottle instead of relying on multiple one-use cups throughout the day. Reusing avoids the production of new items, and it also cuts down on the wasteful products you consume. It eliminates waste that in the end will likely be disposed of in a landfill or incinerated. Also, some cities and countries have collection centers where reusable materials can be collected and stored. Items like paint and motor oil are shelved and available for free to other residents.

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Oct 01

Use Your Dishwasher

There is no need to guess or speculate, there is actually scientific data to prove which method of washing dishes is more efficient. Researches determined that using a dishwasher of any kind, or brand cleaned the dishes better and saved energy and time as well. That is why I prefer washing our dishes with our hands using my favorite dishwasher brand. I like Joy dishwashing liquid because it is cheaper compared with the other brand. I also tried other brand, but I still like the Joy dishwashing liquid. Anyhow, all brands of dishwashing liquid can really clean your dishes. They also have the same scent but my favorite is lemon scent.



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Sep 15

Find Fun in Your City Park

Nearby city parks can also provide an opportunity to get closer to nature. Parks provide open space for locals to get fresh air and for children to run around and work out their wiggles. Teenagers can also make the park as their venue of playing their guitars or practicing their skills on their acoustic and bass guitars with their bass guitar sheet music songbook. Trees help clean the air and provide habitat for birds and squirrels. They offer physical relief and visual respite, too. Green spaces break up the monotony of structures and roads and offer people a chance to take a breather. There’s a chance that local parks and recreation departments are in need of volunteers. By helping park professionals, volunteers are able to learn a lot about surroundings and the issues they face, from funding to encroachment.


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