Sep 27

Avoid Prepackaged Lunches

Many children take lunches that are completely prepackaged from drink to dessert. They produce a hefty amount of trash because nothing is reusable and much of the lunch often goes uneaten. Moreover, these lunches contain very little nutrition and a lot of fat and preservatives. When packing a child’s lunch, use reusable containers and pack only what you think your child will eat. Anyhow, Christmas season is approaching, and until now, my sound system is not yet fixed. I wish my son will buy me a new amplifier or a kaossilator pro. I would be happy if I will have this before Christmas.

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Sep 27

Accessorize Smart

The purse, the wallet, the belt, and the jewelry, all of these can help make your outfit. Look for accessories, such as purses, that incorporate organic and recycled materials. When it comes to purchasing jewelry, consider the eco-friendly options. Organizations such as Global Exchange carry jewelry made of silver and other bright gemstones make by small organizations in an effort to promote sustainability. And if you have planned to buy an amplifier for your home theater, thd hot plate is better than the other brand.

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Sep 15

Know What You Can Afford

It’s a good idea to check the prices or compare the prices first before buying anything either online or in the store. If you are planning or looking for a musical instrument or musical accessories, you should try to visit musicman guitars. I have learned this site from a friend who purchase a musical accessory a few months ago. He told me that the prices are reasonable. And searching online is not your thing, then you can ask them a catalog and they will deliver it to your door.

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Sep 15

How to Protect Your Home From Disasters

Secure bookcases, furniture and appliances with bolts, and relegate large, fragile or heavy items to lower shelves, buy earthquake insurance.

Elevate the main breaker or fuse box and any heating, ventilation or cooling equipment, purchase flood insurance, keep insurance policy, important documents and other valuables in a safe-deposit box, install check valves in sewer traps to revent backflow.

Install storm shutters, reinforce roof with bracing and hurricane straps, bring lawn furniture inside when a watch or a warning is issued.

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Apr 29

Budgeting is Hard

When my son told me that he wanted to have a guitar, it took me for months before I could buy the guitar he likes. And when he has the guitar already, I thought there will be no more spending discussion, but I was wrong. He likes to change the neck of the guitar and so, he was asking if I could buy him a telecaster neck. Well, he needs to wait for another months I guess for I have no idea yet how much the cost of this neck. I have bills coming, and I also need to save money for his school stuffs. He is officially enrolled now, and he needs another set of school uniforms, socks, a pair of shoes, school bags, to name a few. Once I completed his school stuffs, i will buy his guitar’s neck.

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Apr 26

Bathroom Designs

Often the smallest room in the house, the bathroom offers relatively little storage, especially considering that this is usually a shared space. A bathroom must work efficiently but, almost equally importantly, should also not feel too clinical or soulless, answering the very different needs of both the inevitable morning rush and the more indulgent evening bath by candlelight, and practically in harmony.




Some bathroom products are decorative and be kept on display, perhaps on open shelving or grouped in baskets around the room. A deep ledge along a wall above or close to the bathtub will keep everything from towels to toiletries conveniently within reach, while a small glass shelf fitted above the basin keeps the essentials close at hand while maximizing available light.

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Apr 03

Dishwasher Detergents

Liquid gel detergents solve the two major drawbacks of liquid dishwasher detergents: the liquids tend to dribble out of the dishwasher’s main wash cup yet tend to empty incompletely from their containers, leaving a sizable amount unused. The gels are free-flowing and dispense completely from their containers.

The gels are better than powders at removing lipstick from glasses and cups. But the powders are better than gels in overall dishwashing, cleaning dried-on foods, and preventing washed off foods from spotting and resoiling dishes.
While all the dishwasher detergents consumer union has tested tend to discolor silver-plated flatware, after long exposure powders tend to be slightly safer than gels in this regard. Powders and gels both etch glassware when used in soft water. Typically, damage to glassware is less likely in hard water. Powders and most gels are safer to use on fine china with overglaze patterns than they used to be years ago. However, it would be prudent to hand wash fine china, silver, and crystal.

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Mar 20

Hiring a Home Cleaning Service

Housecleaning takes time and effort. One obvious way to escape cleaning, although the solution can be expensive, is to employ a qualified, reliable, and courteous home-cleaning service. Some people use a professional service once or twice a year; others employ a cleaning person once a week or every two weeks or so. If you decide to use professional help, ask for referrals from reliable neighbors and friends. If that fails, check the Yellow Pages under Housecleaning. Always ask for and check references.

When negotiating with a prospective housecleaning provider, be sure you both understand what is going to be done, how long it will take, how much it will cost, and how frequently and on what day of the week they will provide the service. Be sure there is un understanding of what cleaning materials and equipment they would bring and what you will have to make available. Tell them where the items you’re responsible for will be kept. Be sure the cleaning provider regularly tells you when supplies are low so you can stock up before their next visit.

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Feb 09

Bonsai Plants

Hello World! It’s Green Tuesday, so here are the Bonsai Plants, which I found from my folder last night. I was glad that it wasn’t deleted from my files. I remember when I and my friends went to Baguio City, there were lots of bonsai plants for sale, and it was very cheap. When we got back in Manila, I brought some bonsai plants. The seller taught us on how to take care of the small plants, but since I don’t have green thumb, the bonsai plants didn’t show any signs that they were okay, and later they all died. Anyhow, the bonsai on the photos was taken inside the Botanical Garden at SM Mall. There was a competition for the most beautiful bonsai plants, and the owners of the bonsai are the participants. I just don’t know if they won or not.



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Jan 19

Listening to Music while Repainting our Home

For the past few weeks, I was so busy repainting our home. It was not easy for me to repaint our home because of the furniture inside the house. I have to move them every time I was on that area. And sometimes, while moving some furniture, there were times that I found things that I thought it was gone already. The hardest part was to move my son’s musical accessories and instrument. The speakers were heavy. The component was also heavy, and I couldn’t ask help from anybody because I was alone at home. Anyhow, while repainting, I played my favorite dance music. It really helps me to work well. I wish my son will buy a new amplifier or this arturia spark. One of the speakers is not working so well, and I guess the amplifier can help to arrange the sounds. Ok, that’s all for now. I have to shop for paint and brush again.

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