Clean The Hard Drive Before Selling Your Computer

I am glad that my computer is working well again. If you could remember, last week, I got annoyed with the performance of my computer. It runs so slow, plus my internet service provider had a problem too. I called our neighbor who has knowledge on computer repair, and he told me that I should add more memory to the hard drive.

Since, the computer is my partner everyday, I had to listen to the computer expert. I bought a new memory, and he installed it right away. I made a joke, I told him that I could resell my computer because it has higher memory now, plus it was also newly reformatted. Our neighbor told me, that in case I want to resell my computer, I should wipe a hard drive to ensure that the new owner won’t read the existing data. On the other hand, it is also good on the part of the new owner because it will have a clean hard drive, and it is like he or she bought a brand-new computer.

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