Oct 30

Indoor Appeal

Cleaning house is one of the most important ways to prepare your home. Everything should be spotless and should stay that way. If someone wants to view your home, you will only have a few minutes to straighten up and make things look perfect. Nothing will turn off buyers quicker than an untidy or cluttered home.

Here are some tips for making the inside of your home as appealing as possible to buyers.

Rearrange or store some of your furniture to make the house seem larger. Also, clear out closets and remove some of the clothes to make them appear more spacious.

Try hanging a mirror in a small foyer or hallway to make it seem larger.

Clean all light fixtures and install the maximum wattage in them

Remove heavy curtains and open windows if weather permits. Light, sheer curtains will emphasize the spacious, airy feeling you are trying to create.

Make the house smell good and fresh. Try boiling cinnamon sticks on the stove, placing fresh flowers throughout the house or lighting candles.

Buy new shower curtains and throw rugs for the bathrooms.

Create more counter space in the kitchen by removing all unnecessary items.

Keep in mind that when it comes time to actually show your home, you should store all valuables in a safe place that cannot be accessed by potential buyers.


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Oct 25

Home Sweet Home

Essential oils, many of which are antibacterial and antiseptic can be used to clean the home instead of, or in addition to, chemical-laden products. When you are cleaning the fridge, freezer or oven, an aromatherapist recommends adding 1 drop of lemon, or any of the other citrus oils such as grapefruit, lime, bergamot, orange or mandarin, to the water used for the final rinse. It also suggests applying 2 drops of eucalyptus oil to a damp cloth and using it to wipe down the surfaces. You can also add 2 drops of tea tree oil and 2 drops of lemon oil to a bucket of warm water and use it to clean surfaces and floors.

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Oct 17


Replace a damaged acoustical tile

Most acoustical tile fits together with a tongue and groove. If the damaged tile isn’t at an edge, you can’t fit a new one into the surrounding groove edge, but you can get around that problem pretty easily if you have extra tiles or can buy a matching one. First, remove the damaged tile. You may have to cut the tile into pieces to get it out. Next, use a straightedge and a utility knife to cut off one of the tongues and the upper lip of the grooved edges of the new tile. Put a bead of construction adhesive on the furring strips at the edges of the hole where you removed the tile. Fit the remaining tongue into the adjacent groove, and then press the tile up into the adhesive. Hold or prop the tile in place until the adhesive dries.

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Oct 16

Build a Perfect Home Entertainment

If your home entertainment is not yet complete, or you need to replace some musical accessories to make your home entertainment a real one, you can order one at musician’s friend. It is an online store for all types of musical instrument and accessories. They ship worldwide and all their prices are very reasonable. There are also items that are on sale right now. So, if you have planned to shop for musical instrument or musical accessories, click the link that I have provided. I am sure you will love the site. Enjoy your shopping.

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Oct 16

Orchids or Wild Waling-waling in the Garden

I so love this kind of orchid, the dotted colored orchid, but when I asked the lady the price of this orchid, oh! my gosh! It was equivalent to a one sack of rice. My mother has orchids too, but she only has the white, pink lilac, and fuchsia red. I love flowers and plants but unfortunately, they can’t live longer in my hand. :(


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Oct 11

Pharmacy for Pets

Uh! Oh! My little furry girl is sick for days now. She doesn’t like to eat. My son is worried, but I told him that she was not really sick. Probably she just needs vitamins. I was at the mall the other day, but I forgot to visit the pet pharmacy. I wanted to buy vitamin and maybe a toy also for my little furry girl. Anyway, I have found a pet pharmacy online. I wonder if my brother in Canada knows about this pharmacy. He has two big dogs, and a big cat. If he calls us, I will let him know this EntirelyPets Pharmacy. I am sure he will be happy for this.

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Oct 01

Making an Offer On a Home

You’ve found the home you want to buy. Now it’s time to make an offer in the form of a sales or purchase agreement. If you submit a sales agreement and it is accepted and signed by the seller, it is a legally binding contract. So make sure that your initial offer leaves nothing out. All agreement should set a time no longer than 48 hours withing which the seller must respond in writing or the offer will be void.

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Sep 19

Toilet Bowl Cleaners

A common cause of persistent toilet-bowl staining is minerals that build up around the waterline and under the rim. The culprit is usually hard water, which has a high mineral content. As the water evaporates, minerals such as whitish calcium or magnesium compounds and rust-colored iron compounds are left behind, coating the upper part of the bowl and eventually hardening into a scale. Even with soft water, molds can form a dark coating in the bowl. If the ceramic surface has been scratched by abrasive cleaners for roughened with age, the buildup can grow rapidly. Automatic, in-tank cleaners are the easiest to use but generally only mask the dirt. The real cleaners are the liquid and granular in-bowl cleaners that are meant to be used with a brush.

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Sep 13

Kitchen Furniture

If the reality of your kitchen falls somewhat short of the dream, there are lots of things that you can do to improve the efficiency of what already exists, from customizing cabinet interiors to putting up new shelving or utensils racks. If you the space, you could also invest in a piece of freestanding furniture, such as dresser, a beautiful table with a spandex table cover, or serving cart, which can offer both storage space and extra work surfaces. Lighten the load through regular spring-cleanings, junking anything, equipment or food, that has not seen the light of day for the past year. The more frequently you shop, the less storage space you will need for food.

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Sep 07

For better relaxing, buy an eco-friendly mattress.

In a family house or apartment, there will be more than one bedroom to keep under control, and one of the most important things in the bedroom is our bed. When you retreat for the night, the last thing you want to feel is the comfort of your bed. When you turn or move your body anywhere on the bed, you wanted to be relaxed and not be annoyed.

This is my son’s grumbled for a month now. He wanted me to buy a new mattress on his bed for he is not comfortable with it anymore. The mattress is too old I know. If I remembered it right, I bought it when he was 10 years old, which means it is more than a decade now. I kept on promising him that I will buy so soon, but I always fail to remember until I observed that I also need to change the mattress of my bed. Now I need mattresses for the two beds, and I wish I could find a good-quality mattress that will last long just like the old mattresses that I have right now.

However, it would be nice if I could get a memory foam mattress. I have read that this mattress is Eco-friendly. I have not checked yet the cost of this mattress, but I wouldn’t mind the price if the quality is absolutely relaxing. Oh! By the way, my cousin knows that I will buy mattresses for the two beds one of these days, and she made a joke for me. She said that each time I need to buy something new, something else has to go through – into the trash, to charity, but the best place is to throw it in their bedrooms.

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