Apr 23

Scouting for Musical Instrument

A few days ago, my brother who is living in Canada called me on the phone. I was honestly annoyed because he called in the middle of the night. We are 12 hours ahead of time. The bad thing is, every time he called, we spent over an hour on the phone because he is using a card, and he wanted to consume all the money on the card. He said, the card cannot be used for second call, so to maximize the usage of the card, we will stop talking until to the last minute.

Anyway, the reason why he called it is because he wanted to know the prices of guitars here either acoustic or electric guitar. He told me that guitars in Canada are so expensive, and he has planned to visit us by next year. So, if I could find a cheaper guitar, he will buy a guitar here when he comes. I went to the music store at the mall and I got prices on the guitars he mentioned to me. I also found this gig rig mixer with rack. I thought it is so expensive, but the price is reasonable. I know my friend needs this kind of mixer because she has mobile instrument business. I have not seen her for weeks now but I can send her a sms to her mobile phone. I know she will be happy for it if I tell her that I found a mixer with rack and wheels.

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Apr 01

Porch Design

I love this kind of roof for the porch. I bought a new house far from where I live right now, but it doesn’t have a porch yet. So, I am planning to put like this to our new home. Lovely, isn’t it? By the way, I will show you on my next post, the house that I bought weeks ago.


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Mar 25

Fix a pop-up drain stopper.

A pop-up sink stopper is linked to an ingenious mechanism that raises and lowers the stopper to open and close the drain. If the sink doesn’t hold water or the stopper doesn’t pop-up, the pivot rod needs to be adjusted. Look under the sink, you will see a small metal rod (the pivot rod), that extends from the drain pipe into a hole in a narrow metal strip (clevis strap) and is held in place with a V-shaped clip (spring clip). To adjust the pivot rod, pinch the spring clip, and pull it off. Move the pivot rod into a different hole, replace the spring clip, and test the drain.


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Mar 15


Most of us start and end our days in the bathroom. This room should always be pleasant, comfortable, and in good repair.

Fill a chip in a porcelain or enamel sink.

Porcelain and enamel sinks are pretty durable, but accidents happen. There’s no reason to ignore a chipped sink. You can buy porcelain or enamel repair kit at any hardware store or home center. Most of these kids include filler and paint that you brush on like nail polish.

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Mar 09

Lazy Morning

As I have mentioned from my other blog that I don’t want to get up from the bed. I know there are simple ways you can do throughout the day to get long lasting energy like when you get up in the morning, try to look at the light or much better expose yourself to two minutes of bright light. It helps your body to shut down its production of melatonin, a sleep hormone that can cause you feel sleepy. According to the expert, our brain produces this hormone at night to keep us sleepy, but a morning blast of light tells our brain to quit making melatonin so energy levels can effectively soar. Oh well, I need to get up because I have so much thing to do today like shopping for groceries, plus my son asked me to buy his shaving cream. I wish I could shop online and shop this taylor of old bond street shaving cream for him, but I don’t have credit card right now. Ok, that’s all for now.

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Feb 25

Model House

When I had a house tripping last month, I took some shots of the model houses that we visited and this is one of them. It was properly arranged and very presentable to the guests. Even the place was so small; the interior design was perfect for me. The only thing which I don’t like was the master’s bedroom. There was no bathroom inside the master’s bedroom. If possible, I would love to have my own bathroom with bath tub of course so I can hide from there if I need to be alone. Lol However, the whole package is good, enough for a newly wed couple or for couples who have one to two kids.


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Feb 01

How you can save water at home.

Washing Dishes

You can save as much as 70% water when you wash your dishes by using two water basins (one for soapy water and one for rinsing) rather than washing your dishes in running water. When washing greasy plates, soak them first in a basin of hot water.

Don’t let the water run

You should not let the water run while you’re brushing your teeth, washing your face or shaving. This can save you three gallons of water everyday.

Defrosting food

Thaw frozen food overnight inside the refrigerator to defrost them instead of placing it under running water. You can also bring out the frozen food to thaw in room temperature if you have time.

Use a pail

Use a pail Instead of a hose when cleaning your car. Using a cotton rag rather than a sponge can also save you water, plus, it’s friendlier to your car paint.

Use a broom

Using a broom rather than using a hose to clean your driveway and sidewalk can save you up to 150 gallons each time.

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Jan 16

Lighting Effects for Your Home Entertainment

If you are a music lover, you might want to have a music room in your home. If your budget is limited, maybe you will buy your home entertainment one at a time until you have a complete set of musical accessories including lighting effects. By the way, I have found a complete package of lighting effects online. If you are interested, check these Chauvet kits. You can find several lighting effects on this site. A few weeks ago, I bought a new speaker, and I like it so much because there are running lights on both speakers. I thought it was just a decoration, but when we use it, the small buttons lights up and when the music played, the lights were running.

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Dec 31

Eating while Working at my Desk

I have been busy for the past few days for I need to go along with the family of my ex-husband. We have a legal case filed at the court against the mistress of their brother (my ex-BIL). While being on the road for two consecutive days, I guess I lose some weight because we just walked from office to office and there was no elevator, so we used stairs.

When I got home, after changing the clothes and doing some things, that’s the time I could start my online activity. Honestly, while doing my rounds here, I have food on the side. I did multitask by eating while working at my computer desk. I know this is a big no-no if I wanted to lose weight because if you are not focusing on your foods, there is a chance that you could eat even more. Your stomach wouldn’t remind you that it is full already, and you wouldn’t feel that you are full as well if your mind is not on the food you ate. The bodies want to have a sense of acknowledgement and satisfaction, and we don’t get that when we don’t use all of our senses to engage with our food.

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Dec 20

Decorating a Bedroom

Working from home can create problems of space, particularly when large quantities of plans or drawings need to be stored. This is what I saw from my cousin’s house that sometimes she brought her paper works and blue prints in their home. She makes her bedroom as her little office when she works at home. Her mother doesn’t like her to work inside the bedroom because the bedroom is a resting place and not a working place. My aunt was planning to pull-out some of the furniture inside the bedroom like the working table with drawers and replace it with furniture that fits to her bedroom.

When planning to change the looks of your bedroom, you can go online and search for it. There are sites that could give you an idea on which furniture is best for your room. You could also visit your nearest furniture store where you could see on display the actual bedroom decorating ideas.However, if you are a busy person and have no time to shop at the mall, online shopping is applicable to you. You can do it during your break time at the office or when you were at home already. There is no need for you to be hurry when you shop online. So, if you are looking for furniture, you may click the link that I have provided. I am sure you could find what you were looking for. They have plenty of beautiful wooden design furniture that fits to your budget.

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