Jul 16

Positive Attitude

Find Supportive Friends

Whether intentional or not, what people say can make us feel good or bad about ourselves. Look for people, or maybe just that one person, who will make you feel good when you’re feeling low. This person will give you unasked-for compliments. If you have done something different, if you’re wearing something new, such as high school class rings, they would notice. Collect these compliments and wear them. They are yours, and they will build your esteem.

Ignore Beauty Bashers

There is no shame in wanting to look and feel your best. Magazines, cosmetics manufacturers, and the diet industry are not inherently evil, and not all beautiful models and actresses have eating disorders or drug addicts. Appearance still matters. Furthermore, caring for yourself physically will make you feel good emotionally. Treat yourself with respect, and you are far less likely to let anyone else treat you badly. The smartest ways to beauty are exercise and proper nutrition, which also provide important health benefits.

Listen To Your Inner Voice

Each of us has a voice inside our head that will give us advice. This voice is like a therapist. It will guide us in the right direction. It will calm us down, cheer us up, and even help us figure out why we’re overeating or not bothering to iron our clothes. The problem is that we often don’t take the quiet time we need to hear this important information. Schedule some quiet time in a leisurely bath or walk, or even while putting on your makeup. Treat this intuition as an inner cheering section.

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Jul 12

Mirrors Boost Attitude

If you truly want to change your looks, you need to visualize the specific changes. What will any improvements you make look like? See yourself with clearer skin, streamlined body, shiny, healthier hair, majestic posture. These changes are realistic and attainable. Stay away from goals that you would never reach. If you have never been a size 24 (waistline size), don’t sabotage yourself by trying to get there. Don’t compare yourself with someone you have seen on the cover of a magazine or in a TV or movie screen. Accept your uniqueness and capitalize on it.

The quickest attitude adjustment is through reflection. Women who struggle with esteem issues often tell me that they avoid mirrors like the plague. I supposed the rationale is “don’t get yourself deeper into depression,” but mirrors can become your biggest ally. They can tell you how you’re progressing, in those little ways that may not noticeable to the casual eye. Mirrors are the ultimate objective eye.

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Jul 08

Color Your Home

Just like people, colors have their own personalities which can influence your mood when you see them in your home. Find out which colors are ideal for every areas of your house.

Living room

This room should be cheerful and inviting because this is where you receive visitors and bond with your loved ones. Bring the sunshine in through your choice of color. Yellow, orange and beige are recommended colors.


Warm, earthy colors in the kitchen is ideal, with pops of red as an accent. These hues make it easy for you to feel at ease in the kitchen as you concoct your next culinary masterpiece. Brown, peach and beige are perfect colors for your kitchen.

Dining room

Bright colors stimulate appetite. If surrounded by bright shades, your family and guests will definitely eat your delicious dishes. Red, yellow, orange are recommended colors.


This room is all about rest and relaxation. Channel them with blues and greens for a cool and calm atmosphere. Blue, green, lavender are ideal colors for the bedroom.


White, light blue, light green are recommended colors. The message that the colors of your bathroom should convey is cleanliness and good hygiene – and also serenity if you want that spa ambiance.


This room is all about rest and relaxation. Channel them with blues and greens for a cool and calm atmosphere. Blue, green, lavender are ideal colors for the bedroom.

Of course, you’re still the boss! You can always choose the colors that showcase your personality and match your positive outlook in life.

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Jul 03

Clean Refrigerator Coils

Cleaning the coils every season saves energy and helps the refrigerator last longer. Roll the refrigerator away from the wall, and unplug it. Use a brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner to clean dust and lint from the coils on the back of the unit. Next, remove the plastic panel on the front of the refrigerator, at the bottom. Typically, this panel snaps off, but you may need to remove a couple screws to get if off. Use a crevice attachment to clean the coils behind the panel. Clean the floor, plug the refrigerator in, and roll it back into position.


refrigerator's coils

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Jun 29


Most of us start and end our days in the bathroom. This room should always be pleasant, comfortable, and in good repair.


Fill a crack in a porcelain or enamel sink
Buy sone epoxy adhesive at a hardware store or home center. Be sure to get the kind designated for sink repairs. Dry the surface of the sink with a hair dryer. Mix the two parts of the epoxy, following manufacturer’s instructions. Use a toothpick or stiff wire to spread the epoxy in the crack. Smooth out the epoxy as much as possible. Let the epoxy cure. Drying times vary a little from one manufacturer to another, but usually this takes about 24 hours. Be sure to read and follow package instructions. When the epoxy is ready, touch up the cracked area with appliance paint that matches the sink’s color.

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Jun 24

Refrigerators/Freezers Cleaning Tip

The condenser coil, which helps disperse heat, is outside the cabinet, where it tends to collect dust. Dust lowers the appliance’s efficiency and raises the cost of running it. The condenser should be cleaned once or twice a year, particularly before the onset of hot weather, because high outside temperatures impose heavy demands on a refrigerating system.

It is easy to clean a back-mounted condenser once you pull out the refrigerator. But in many models, the coil is mounted in a compartment underneath the cabinet. Clean this area by using a condenser-coil cleaning brush and a vacuum cleaner’s crevice tool. Most manufacturers tell you to clean from the front, a task made more difficult if the coil is under a shield and toward the refrigerator’s back. Cleaning the coil from the back after you remove the cardboard “service access” cover is a bit easier, but you’ll have to wrestle the appliance from its normal position.

Some older refrigerators have a removable drip pan that can develop odors from food spills that drip into it from inside the refrigerator. If possible, check it from time to time, and wash and rinse the pan using hand dish washing liquid and water.

Cleaning inside the refrigerator is best done with the mildest possible detergent or just a damp sponge. Try to avoid scratching soft plastic surfaces. A solution of baking soda and water is probably important to keep the door seal (gasket) clean: Dirt buildup impairs the gasket’s ability to hold in the cold air.

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Jun 18

Tips on Cleaning Your Bathroom

Bath mats.

Many bath mats and toilet tank covers can be cleaned in a washing machine. Use a mild detergent at a setting of not more than 90 F for dark colors and 105 F for light colors or whites, rinse thoroughly, and tumble dry using a low temperature setting. In lieu of machine drying, hang or spread items in the shade until dry, then brush lightly.

bath mats

Bathroom fixtures.

Some bathroom cleaners can mar brass, paint, stainless steel, vinyl shower curtains, or wallpaper. Immediately rinse off cleaner to avoid damage.

Mildew in bathrooms.

Some specialty bathroom cleaners contain effective mildew fighters. But liquid chlorine bleach applied according to label directions is an effective mildew cleaner. Because it can discolor many fabrics and wallpaper, rinse thoroughly any mildewed surface that has been washed with bleach. Never mix bleach with other cleaning products. Bleach reacts with many household cleaners and can produce hazardous fumes.

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Jun 14

Tips for Cleaning A Variety of Household Items

Air conditioners.

Clean or change a window air conditioner’s filter once a month during the air-conditioning season to keep the machine’s efficiency as high as possible. When cleaning and changing the filter, vacuum clean any visible cooling coils. Be careful not to cut yourself on sharp edges. Plastic foam filters can be washed at the kitchen sink, using a mild solution of a hand dish washing liquid and water. Condenser coils facing outside also need cleaning before hot weather sets in, but the unit may have to be removed from the window to do the job. In very sooty areas, or when the air conditioner is in a window over a heavily trafficked street, you may need to hire a professional firm to do the cleaning.

Appliance exteriors.

Many kitchen and laundry appliances have a baked enamel surface that scratches easily, unlike the glass-hard porcelain enamel finish that is common on kitchen ranges as well as on some washing machines or other appliance tops. Never use an abrasive cleaner on baked enamel. Hand dish washing liquid and water should do the job. If this doesn’t work, a liquid all-purpose cleaner can help, but check the label instructions to be sure the manufacturer states that it is safe to use on painted surfaces.

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Jun 10

Toilet Tissues: Two-ply vs. Single-ply

Whatever the price per roll, you expect certain basic qualities in this homely but indispensable product. The stronger the tissue when wet, the less likely it is to break or tear in use. Wet strength is far more important than dry strength. Two-ply tissues are stronger as a group, but there are some strong single-plies, too.

Most toilet tissues are soft enough for all but sensitive individuals. Many people won’t find even the roughest toilet tissues objectionable. Two-ply tissues are generally softer than single-ply.

Toilet tissues should quickly and thoroughly absorb moisture. When last tested, two-ply models soaked up a drop of water within five seconds or less. Most single-ply tissues were not quite as absorbent. Tissues should break up promptly when flushed away. If they don’t, a slow toilet may back up.

Some tissues are scented. Scent serves no practical purpose in bathroom tissues, and it may be irritating to some people.


toilet tissue

Some tissues come in single rolls, some in packages of 12 or more. Four-packs are the most popular. A package should be easy to open, the roll should be easy to start, and tissues should be easy to tear off. Plastic packages with perforations around the top are easiest to open.

On some rolls, the first few sheets stick to the ones underneath, an annoyance when you begin using the roll. On others, the end of the first sheet hangs free, providing a pull tab that’s easy to grasp. Sometimes the tab works well, sometimes it shreds before freeing the next sheet. Most two-ply models are relatively easy to detach, thanks to their adequate perforations. By contrast, some single-ply products are flimsy and tend to tear raggedly.

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Jun 06

Tile Floors

Protect your unglazed tile floors

Most tile is covered with a glaze that protects it from stains and water damage. Some tile, such as terra cotta and tumbled stone, is left unglazed to create a more natural look. Unglazed tile needs to be sealed every year or two to protect it from stains and water spots. Large home centers and tile retailers carry a variety of sealers and can recommended the right type for your tile. Brush the sealer onto the tile, and let it dry according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Tile Floor

Clean grout joints in tile floors.

Grout, the material between the tiles, is vulnerable to mold, mildew, and stains. Use a soft-bristle brush and a mild, non-stop detergent to remove dirt and grime. Clear water and chlorine bleach (one part bleach to ten parts water) will remove mold and mildew.

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