Sep 13

Kitchen Furniture

If the reality of your kitchen falls somewhat short of the dream, there are lots of things that you can do to improve the efficiency of what already exists, from customizing cabinet interiors to putting up new shelving or utensils racks. If you the space, you could also invest in a piece of freestanding furniture, such as dresser, a beautiful table with a spandex table cover, or serving cart, which can offer both storage space and extra work surfaces. Lighten the load through regular spring-cleanings, junking anything, equipment or food, that has not seen the light of day for the past year. The more frequently you shop, the less storage space you will need for food.

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Sep 07

For better relaxing, buy an eco-friendly mattress.

In a family house or apartment, there will be more than one bedroom to keep under control, and one of the most important things in the bedroom is our bed. When you retreat for the night, the last thing you want to feel is the comfort of your bed. When you turn or move your body anywhere on the bed, you wanted to be relaxed and not be annoyed.

This is my son’s grumbled for a month now. He wanted me to buy a new mattress on his bed for he is not comfortable with it anymore. The mattress is too old I know. If I remembered it right, I bought it when he was 10 years old, which means it is more than a decade now. I kept on promising him that I will buy so soon, but I always fail to remember until I observed that I also need to change the mattress of my bed. Now I need mattresses for the two beds, and I wish I could find a good-quality mattress that will last long just like the old mattresses that I have right now.

However, it would be nice if I could get a memory foam mattress. I have read that this mattress is Eco-friendly. I have not checked yet the cost of this mattress, but I wouldn’t mind the price if the quality is absolutely relaxing. Oh! By the way, my cousin knows that I will buy mattresses for the two beds one of these days, and she made a joke for me. She said that each time I need to buy something new, something else has to go through – into the trash, to charity, but the best place is to throw it in their bedrooms.

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Sep 02

Meals at a Friend’s or Family Member’s House

Good times, good friends, good food, they all seem to go together. When the gang’s all here, there can be enormous pressure to fit in and eat what everyone else is eating. Here are some strategies help you stay in control.

Whatever the menu is, be prepared and plan your food intentions. For example, tell yourself, “I’m going to have only cut-up veggies with a little dip and a glass of wine before dinner. At dinner, I will eat very small portions of the healthiest items being served. I’ll stop eating when I’, comfortably full.”

Don’t let anyone bully you into eating something you don’t want. If someone puts food on your plate that you didn’t want, leave it. If they get annoyed, tell them you’re trying to stick to an eating plan and that you would love it if they could support and respect that.

Compliments go a long way, begin them early and continue often. Talk about how great the food smells, rave about the first bites and slow down when you have had enough. If someone comments on what’s left on your plate, simply say, “I wish I could eat more!” Let them assume you mean you are absolutely stuffed.

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Aug 27

Shopping For a Toy Guitar for My Niece

I was busy yesterday, because Monday was a holiday here and so school and offices either public or private were closed. I had scheduled to go to the bank on Monday, but since it was the holiday, I did it yesterday, Tuesday. I also went to the office of the place that I wanted to rent or lease. I had a little conversation with the staff about the space for rent. Unfortunately, the space is still not ready to rent out.

After my transaction on those offices, I headed to the mall just to look for a toy guitar for my niece. They have a school program, and her group will have a play on the stage. She will act like playing the guitar while her classmate sings. Luckily, I found a small toy guitar that is made of wood and not a plastic. The color is also like the normal guitar. My niece was so happy when she saw that I found a toy guitar. Anyhow, if you are looking for a real guitar and its accessories, you can easily find it at Musician’s Friend. Some of their guitars are not available, because of its Limited availability. But rest assured that if the demand is high, they will produce more.

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Aug 20

Condominium’s Construction

A few months ago, my foreign friend bought a condominium here in our city. He bought it as an investment. It was a pre-selling price, so he grabbed the opportunity to own a condominium for a reasonable price. Now, the real estate started building the five storey condominium. When I visited the site, the agent told me that this building would be finished before the year ends. I informed right away my friend, and I sent these photos to him also. Sorry if the photos were not so clear. These were taken on my mobile phone.




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Aug 14

Nipa Hut

I can’t wait for the shop to deliver this at home. My mom ordered similar to this, or smaller than on the photo below a few days ago, and when I learned it, I was so excited. At last, we will have this very relaxing resting place. We’ve been planning for this long time ago, and finally, we will have it so soon.


nipa hut2

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Aug 09

Room Design

I so love this bedroom for big kids. I like the design, and it looks so neat. Well, if the kids know how to organize their bedrooms, whatever design it is, it will look good as well. I found this on Facebook, and if only I have a big bedroom, I want to design like this.


Awesome Design

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Aug 03

Dispose of and store paint safely.

Be kind to the planet when you dispose of paint. If there’s less than an inch of latex paint left in a can, leave the lid off and let it dry out. Most communities allow small amounts of dried latex paint to be thrown in the regular trash. Alkyd paint always has to be treated as hazardous waste. If there’s more than an inch of paint, cover the can with plastic wrap, then replace the lid. Tap the edges of the lid with a rubber mallet to make sure the lid is on securely. Write the date and the name of the room where the paint was used on the lid, then place the can, upside down, in storage. The paint against the lid keeps air from infiltrating the can. Just make sure the lid’s on tight before you turn it upside down. Don’t let the paint freeze, and don’t store it near a gas furnace or water heater.

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Jul 28

Sanitize a dishwasher.

Clean out dishwasher once a year or so. Turn off the power to the dishwasher, and take out the racks so you can get to the strainer at the bottom of the unit. Remove any screws holding it in place, and pull out the strainer. Use a dishwashing liquid and an old toothbrush to scrub it clean. Next, unscrew the sprayer tower and the spray arm. Use a paper clip or small wire to unclog the holes on both sides of the spray arm. Soak the arm in vinegar first if the deposits are unusually stubborn. Rinse off the tower and spray arm, and reassemble the parts. Restore power, add dishwashing detergent, and run the empty dishwasher through a wash cycle.


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Jul 22

Check the seal on a refrigerator door.

Rubber gaskets around refrigerator and freezer doors seal the cold air inside. If the gasket is worn out, the compressor has to work overtime to keep up, which is expensive and hard on the unit. A couple of times a year, check the seal for cracks or other damage. Hold a dollar bill at the door’s edge, and close the door. Pull the dollar out: You should feel the gasket grip the dollar. If it slips out without resistance, the gasket may need to be replaced. Consult a repair person for the actual replacement.


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