Feb 03

Sticks for Drums

I am not done yet cleaning the house. The house is full of dust because of the reconstruction of the toilet. I have been planning to change all the tiles in the toilet, and finally, I found somebody who can work for it. It started two days ago, that is why, the house is full of dust, and the noise of the grill annoys me a lot. I just hope, they can finish it in a week. Anyway, I hope it won’t rain today. I will accompany my son to a music store because he is looking for sticks for drums. If only he is not in a hurry to buy these sticks, I would like to order it from gibson musicians friend.

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Feb 03


The recycling loop includes three steps: collecting recyclable materials, physically recycling the materials, and purchasing items made from recycled materials. As a first step, many communities have set up curbside recycling programs in which materials such as newspaper, plastic, and glass are collected in containers separate from waste. Some towns and cities that don’t offer curbside pickup have recycling facilities whee residents can drop off recyclable materials free of charge. It is simple to recycle at home. Keep the recycling containers in a convenient early on, but eventually recycling will become a habit that you incorporate into everyday tasks. Separating the recyclables is one of the most important factors when it comes to making recycling economical. After everything is sorted, it’s compacted and baled and ready for sale.


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Feb 02

World Class Music Education

For those of you who are living in Louisville, there is a music store in this place. If you have planned to shop for any musical instrument, visit music stores in louisville ky. I am sure you can find the instrument that you have been looking for in this store. This a store but they also offer world class music education for those who are interested to learn on playing any musical instrument such as guitar, drums, bass, keyboard and more. They also accept a voice lesson as well. All teachers, and instructors are certified. So, if this makes you interested, check the link that I have provided above.

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Dec 16

Take Care of Your Bathroom

Most of us start and end our days in the bathroom. This room should always be pleasant, comfortable, and in good repair.

Fill a chip in a porcelain or enamel sink.

Porcelain and enamel sinks are pretty durable, but accidents happen. There’s no reason to ignore a chipped sink. You can buy porcelain or enamel repair kit at any hardware store or home center. Most of these kids include filler and paint that you brush on like nail polish.

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Nov 02

Lovely porch

I love this kind of roof for the porch. I bought a new house far from where I live right now, but it doesn’t have a porch yet. So, I am planning to put like this to our new home. Lovely, isn’t it? By the way, I will show you on my next post, the house that I bought weeks ago.


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Oct 23

Clean Your Windows with Newspaper

Over the years, there have been many opinions about which window wipers work best. Professionals do their wiping with natural-sponge applicators and rubber squeegees. Some purists feel the job is unfinished without the careful application of a good chamois leather. Yet others swear by yesterday’s newspaper.

In a consumers test of newspaper used with an effective commercial cleaner on heavily soiled windows, it was found that newspaper is not very absorbent. It takes a fair amount of wiping and rubbing to clean and polish a window with it. Newspaper also blackens hands and leaves ink smudges around window mullions.

window's cleaners

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Sep 27

Avoid Prepackaged Lunches

Many children take lunches that are completely prepackaged from drink to dessert. They produce a hefty amount of trash because nothing is reusable and much of the lunch often goes uneaten. Moreover, these lunches contain very little nutrition and a lot of fat and preservatives. When packing a child’s lunch, use reusable containers and pack only what you think your child will eat. Anyhow, Christmas season is approaching, and until now, my sound system is not yet fixed. I wish my son will buy me a new amplifier or a kaossilator pro. I would be happy if I will have this before Christmas.

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Sep 27

Accessorize Smart

The purse, the wallet, the belt, and the jewelry, all of these can help make your outfit. Look for accessories, such as purses, that incorporate organic and recycled materials. When it comes to purchasing jewelry, consider the eco-friendly options. Organizations such as Global Exchange carry jewelry made of silver and other bright gemstones make by small organizations in an effort to promote sustainability. And if you have planned to buy an amplifier for your home theater, thd hot plate is better than the other brand.

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Sep 15

Know What You Can Afford

It’s a good idea to check the prices or compare the prices first before buying anything either online or in the store. If you are planning or looking for a musical instrument or musical accessories, you should try to visit musicman guitars. I have learned this site from a friend who purchase a musical accessory a few months ago. He told me that the prices are reasonable. And searching online is not your thing, then you can ask them a catalog and they will deliver it to your door.

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Sep 15

How to Protect Your Home From Disasters

Secure bookcases, furniture and appliances with bolts, and relegate large, fragile or heavy items to lower shelves, buy earthquake insurance.

Elevate the main breaker or fuse box and any heating, ventilation or cooling equipment, purchase flood insurance, keep insurance policy, important documents and other valuables in a safe-deposit box, install check valves in sewer traps to revent backflow.

Install storm shutters, reinforce roof with bracing and hurricane straps, bring lawn furniture inside when a watch or a warning is issued.

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