Apr 18

Summer Time means Happy Time

I wish I was with them. Yeah, right, I mean it. They actually invited me to go on swimming. We actually planned it weeks before, however, when the time comes, I decided not to go with them due to my monthly period. It is useless for me if I go with them because I can’t swim or soak my body to the river. I have tried years ago swimming in the river while having a monthly period. The result was really bad. I had a terrible stomach ache, and every food I ate; I throw it up. That’s the reason why I don’t want to go with them. Anyhow, I know now where to find a good quality musical instrument and accessories. I finally found http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/martin-15-series-00015m-auditorium-acoustic-guitar

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Apr 18

Taking Care Of Your Jet Ski

A jet ski can be a great investment for your family. It is a small water craft that is easier to maintain and care for than a boat, yet still very entertaining to take out on the lake or the ocean during the summer time. However, just because a jet ski is easier to care for and maintain than a full sized boat, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t things you need to do to keep your jet ski safe and well cared for.

Winterizing your jet ski may seem like a waste of time, but it can make a very big difference in how well your jet ski runs when the next summer rolls around. Most marine automotive shops and storage facilities will winterize your jet ski for you, for a fee, if you don’t feel comfortable doing so yourself. Winterizing also gives you a chance to look over your jet ski and make sure that there are no cracks in the hull, or other big issues you might need to deal with during the off season.

Another thing to consider when it comes to your jet ski is buying a lift. Pwc lifts can help to save you time and money by keeping your jet ski up and out of the water while being stored. This lessens the need to clean the hull, and can even lower the chance of theft while being kept out during the summer season. A lift can also be used in place of a boat ramp.

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Mar 31

Travelling for Business

Before anything else, check out Guitar Center, gibson guitars now because they are offering great discounts on some of their products. Ok, here we go, when traveling, you don’t have to remain a prisoner of the mini-bar or restaurant pudding trolley. Prepare for your food the way you would prepare for your trip. Plan ahead and pack well. Before you go, buy some wholesome foods you can take with you on the plane, train, car or bus. Portable snacks such as crackers, nuts, and seeds, a sandwich and dried or fresh fruit can fit into everyone’s food life. Pack a meal as if you’re taking lunch to work. Any food you take along will be much better than the food available on the rain or plane. Or ring ahead to ask for a vegetarian or hearty- healthy meal, if available.

Avoid the mini-bar in your hotel room because it’s there to tempt you, and you make you spend too much on small indulgences. If you can’t resist, give the key back to the main desk. Or ring ahead or ask the receptionist to get the mini-bar emptied out for you. Then fill up the empty space with healthy snacks such as yogurt, low-fat cheese, mineral water and fruit. If the buffet is too tempting, stick to room service, especially at breakfast. Make fish your automatic selection when you eat out. Not only is it filling and nutritious but, if you’re eating out a lot, you’ll get to try a number of different types and preparation methods. Order vegetables along with your meal, which will also keep you satisfied.

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Mar 19

American Tourister’s Quality Style

One of the names associated with reliable, practical travel must-haves is undoubtedly American Tourister. Since the brand was founded in 1933 by Sol Koffler, it has grown in its commitment to sell durable yet affordable luggage. With the acquisition by Samsonite in 1994, the company continues to produce a wide selection of quality travel gear.

The luggage from the Vivolite collection is made from ultra-lightweight material infused in a sturdy outer shell. The bright colors and the glossy finish on the shells are made possible by PressPro, an innovative technology crafted by American Tourister. The hardy yet light pieces of luggage absorb shock better than most hard cases in the market. They can withstand rough handling when checked in at the airport or when shoved into the trunk of a vehicle. Other features of the this collection are recessed Transportation Security Administration (TSA) combination lock, four recessed spinner wheels for easy maneuvering push-button trolley, and soft-grip handles.

The collection is available in purple, hot pink, navy, and lemon. The purple and hot pink shells come with a bright pink lining while the navy and lemon shells come with an aqua blue lining. The bright colors are not only cool but also convenient. It is easy to spot your suitcase among other pieces if it comes in these attractive colors.

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Feb 03

Sticks for Drums

I am not done yet cleaning the house. The house is full of dust because of the reconstruction of the toilet. I have been planning to change all the tiles in the toilet, and finally, I found somebody who can work for it. It started two days ago, that is why, the house is full of dust, and the noise of the grill annoys me a lot. I just hope, they can finish it in a week. Anyway, I hope it won’t rain today. I will accompany my son to a music store because he is looking for sticks for drums. If only he is not in a hurry to buy these sticks, I would like to order it from gibson musicians friend.

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Feb 03


The recycling loop includes three steps: collecting recyclable materials, physically recycling the materials, and purchasing items made from recycled materials. As a first step, many communities have set up curbside recycling programs in which materials such as newspaper, plastic, and glass are collected in containers separate from waste. Some towns and cities that don’t offer curbside pickup have recycling facilities whee residents can drop off recyclable materials free of charge. It is simple to recycle at home. Keep the recycling containers in a convenient early on, but eventually recycling will become a habit that you incorporate into everyday tasks. Separating the recyclables is one of the most important factors when it comes to making recycling economical. After everything is sorted, it’s compacted and baled and ready for sale.


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Feb 02

World Class Music Education

For those of you who are living in Louisville, there is a music store in this place. If you have planned to shop for any musical instrument, visit music stores in louisville ky. I am sure you can find the instrument that you have been looking for in this store. This a store but they also offer world class music education for those who are interested to learn on playing any musical instrument such as guitar, drums, bass, keyboard and more. They also accept a voice lesson as well. All teachers, and instructors are certified. So, if this makes you interested, check the link that I have provided above.

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Dec 16

Take Care of Your Bathroom

Most of us start and end our days in the bathroom. This room should always be pleasant, comfortable, and in good repair.

Fill a chip in a porcelain or enamel sink.

Porcelain and enamel sinks are pretty durable, but accidents happen. There’s no reason to ignore a chipped sink. You can buy porcelain or enamel repair kit at any hardware store or home center. Most of these kids include filler and paint that you brush on like nail polish.

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Nov 02

Lovely porch

I love this kind of roof for the porch. I bought a new house far from where I live right now, but it doesn’t have a porch yet. So, I am planning to put like this to our new home. Lovely, isn’t it? By the way, I will show you on my next post, the house that I bought weeks ago.


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Oct 23

Clean Your Windows with Newspaper

Over the years, there have been many opinions about which window wipers work best. Professionals do their wiping with natural-sponge applicators and rubber squeegees. Some purists feel the job is unfinished without the careful application of a good chamois leather. Yet others swear by yesterday’s newspaper.

In a consumers test of newspaper used with an effective commercial cleaner on heavily soiled windows, it was found that newspaper is not very absorbent. It takes a fair amount of wiping and rubbing to clean and polish a window with it. Newspaper also blackens hands and leaves ink smudges around window mullions.

window's cleaners

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